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Talent is the most valuable resources XINHUA
Are the root of productivity, but also the source of value. XINHUA therefore able to achieve the current success is that over the years Xin Chinese effort. XINHUA now every brick, every tile embodied the Chinese Xin sweat.
See the quality of employment, promotion, performance re-
The quality of people is one prerequisite for success. XINHUA employing quality first, this is a basic premise, which is on every basic requirements of the Chinese Xin. Promotion to see the performance, which is one of the hallmarks of modern enterprise system. State-owned enterprises in the traditional system, people can not do their talent, promotion to see the qualifications, seniority in the family, which is leading to a lack of overall team spirit and positive outlook of the underlying causes, but also led directly to the crux of a number of inefficient state-owned enterprises. XINHUA to brand success, achievement century enterprise, the employer must write these two points of view.
Trust, communication, together
XINHUA is a high-speed operation of the machine, this machine is that each employee is part. How to make this aircraft to operate the machine well, trust is the prerequisite, no mutual trust, will be unable to carry out the; communication are the necessary conditions, which enables everyone to understand our present task is what we should do What, what obstacles we face, the same time, communicate to a large extent, resolve all kinds of misunderstandings, greatly improve efficiency; together is the goal, is to establish the basis of the previous three, the team created individual, it is collective progress, rather than individuals.
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